Q: What if we experience a catastrophe, and everything is lost, including the NAS?

A: In such a disaster, your data and even your servers are fully protected. IC/24 BDR Service can offer you two options to continue accessing your data and get your business back operating as soon as possible:

  • We could load the last set of remotely stored backup into another NAS device and ship it over-night to a location of your choice. Once it arrives, our team can provision the NAS as a backup server(s) so you can keep working.
  • If you require access to your data within hours, instead of waiting for overnight shipment of the NAS, we can take your last backup and convert it to a Virtual Server and run it from our data center. Our team will help you access it from a location of your choice via the Internet.

IC/24 BDR Service is more than just a backup system, it is a complete Business Continuity Solution.

Posted in: Questions and answers about our IC/24 BDR service.

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