True Business Continuity & Backup Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Level Data Protection for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations

The hard truth: Your business is at risk from cyber attackers who want to extort your business for money. In fact, small and mid-sized businesses are prime targets because the lack of resources makes extortion scams easy.

Your business is also at risk from well-meaning employees who accidentally delete critical information and IT failure caused by a power surge or leaky pipes.

The days of firewalls and backup only solutions are over. Our IC/24 Business Continuity/Backup and Disaster Recovery service can provide you with the data protection, business recovery, and peace of mind you deserve.

Ransomware Protection

Your backup’s tested, validated, and scanned for malicious infections like ransomware. If detected, we can quickly restore the entire business from a previous backup. 

With IC/24 Business Continuity, Backup Disaster Recovery (BC/BDR) service, downtime can be minutes versus days or weeks. And no need to pay the ransom. Our IC/24 BC/BDR is your best option in the fight against ransomware, malware, human error, or even leaky pipes. 


True Business Continuity

We can backup and quickly retrieve your entire business (data, files, applications, servers, and network) in just minutes.  Get peace of mind from the scourge of ransomware and cyber attackers by properly planning a data and business recovery solution. We can help. 

Protect Your Cloud Applications

Microsoft 365 and GSuite do not guarantee data recovery, which means your data is susceptible to malicious attacks or accidental deletion.  We can protect your company’s intellectual property. 

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