Your Biggest Data Security Risk Is...

It’s nearly time to start decking the halls, and what will your employees be doing? Shopping and checking their personal emails while at work.

Your Biggest Security Risk

It’s the anonymity of sitting behind a computer. As long as your employees are typing and they “look” engaged, you may assume that they’re busy at work.

But according to a national survey conducted by Harris Poll in 2015, “…about half of workers said they would be spending at least some work time holiday shopping, and of this group 42 percent will spend more than an hour or more shopping online while at work." (citation)

In addition to the lost productivity, your employees are likely to be checking their favorite shopping websites and their personal email accounts.

Email Scams 3.0

Email scammers are very sophisticated. No more emails from the “Nigerian Prince,” the latest wave of fraudulent emails are meant to look like your employee’s favorite vendor.

Like this email sent from a fake Amazon account.


Look at the cleverly disguised the email address. Your employee unwittingly opens the email, clicks the link, and “bam” your network is infected.

Or while surfing the net looking for the perfect gift for their father, your employee clicks on a pop-up ad that looks legitimate but it links to a site filled with malware.

Why Your Firewall Isn’t Enough

Having a firewall isn’t enough to protect your company from data theft for many reasons.

True data security requires a multi-layered approach that includes perimeter security, employee education, network security, and business continuity. Your firewall is just part of the solution.

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