Video: How to Reduce Stress and Stay Productive When Working from Home

If you're having a difficult time making the transition from office to home-office, you're not alone.

At best, an office is a collaborative space where you interact with your colleagues to discuss issues of the day and produce good work for which you are well paid. You are accountable for how you spend your time, there's structure to your day, and from structure comes a sense of security.

So, it's understandable that making the transition from office to home-office can be disorienting. It can feel lonely, unstructured, and even overwhelming.

In this week's "The Consilien Report" I give you our best practices for reducing stress and improving productivity while working from home. If you're like me, you may have children, or other adults, at home with you, so I also give you our best practice for creating boundaries with loved ones while you're at  home.

Here's to your security and peace-of-mind.