3 Steps.

Protect Your Data, Business, Customers and Reputation 


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Know Your Level of Risk and Exposure (before the bad guys do)

Warning signs that your network is vulnerable to attack: 


  • No policies to remove former (and disgruntled) employees from the network
  • Not testing or validating your backups
  • Unpatched Operating System and Applications
  • Not training your employees to recognize a credible phishing attempt
  • Using default passwords
  • Expecting your IT team to do it all. That is, keep your network and business up while providing Information Security (InfoSec) support and guidance, 

Get a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Scan

The best investment you can make in the health and longevity of your business is to have an assessment completed. Benefits include: 


  • You can pinpoint the risks to your data and business
  • It gives you and your IT team a remediation roadmap based on your business goals and level of acceptable risk
  • May lower your insurance premiums
  • Help to make your organization resilient to attack

Implement your Cybersecurity Roadmap

Most of what’s discovered in through an assessment your in-house IT team can begin to remediate immediately.

We can help you implement:

  • Governance and writing your policies and procedures
  • Implementing backup disaster and business continuity planning
  • Incident response planning, i.e., what to do if you’re organization is hit with ransomware
  • Implementing fully managed 24/7/365 threat hunting and advanced AI endpoint security
  • Providing you with support and guidance at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house security analyst or security team

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