6 Signs You're Headed for an Epic Crash

Yellow and blue streak across the sky, speeds surpassing 150 mph. He banks left, then takes the plane up, cuts the throttle, performs the 180-degree stall turn and free-falls towards the earth…then something went wrong.

As he begins to come out of the maneuver, he loses control, and “SLAM”, the jet plane smashes into the asphalt. Bits of balsa wood and fiber glass explode among his buddy’s wails of “oh no!”

It was an epic crash, and when some of these custom hobby jet planes cost as much as $20k it’s painful to the pocket book as much as it’s as painful to the flyer’s pride. Because let’s face it, everyone always remembers the crash.

This kind of flying carries an inherent risk of failure, accidents, and obliterated machinery. The risk is part of the fun.

Living and working in the age of information also carries with it inherent risk, except the risk isn’t thrilling, it’s frightening.

If for any reason you couldn’t access your company’s financial records, client or employee information, or any other important data, the negative impact on your company’s revenue and reputation could literally put you out of business.

Which is why treating your Cyber Security as just in IT issue, when it’s really a profitability and growth issue, is a huge mistake.

6 signs your company’s revenues & reputation are in danger

If you can answer "yes" to all these questions, then your company's in good shape.

1. Could your employees spot a spear-phishing or other business email compromise (BEC) scam?

2. Do you have a reporting system in place in the likely event they come across a suspicious looking email and are your employees aware of it?

3. Do you have a backup and disaster recovery plan that includes protecting your customer records, inventory, sales and manufacturing information, and other key financial information?

4. In the likely event your computer network is compromised, how quickly can you access your records and continue business as usual?

5. How long could you remain without access to your computers, client files, billing and shipping information before it negatively impacts your profitability and your company’s reputation?

6. Do you regularly test and verify your backups to ensure that you’ll have business continuity when you need it?

You don’t need to be techy, you just need to be able to answer these six questions to know whether your security solutions are enough to avoid an epic crash.